1. John Travolta


  2. Michael Fassbender


  3. Ben Foster


  4. halowolves said: Have you done Ben Foster? How about Michael Fassbender? I'd love to see a tintype of John Travolta haha!

    These are all fine ideas.


  5. Ed Helms


  6. Chris O’Dowd


  7. Lucy Liu


  8. Andrew Garfield


  9. Joel McHale


  10. Matthew Gray Gubler


  11. themeadowlark said: Matthew Gray Gubler, please?



  12. Tom Hardy


  13. halowolves said: Can you make tintypes of Joaquin Phoenix & Tom Hardy?

    Joaquin can be found here.

    I have also just added a tagged search function at the top of the page.

    Hardy is a great one.


  14. Bradley Whitford


  15. Anonymous said: Oh oh could you make a Bradley Whitford, pleeaaaase :)

    Nice choice.